The many names of Kingcomo’s Quesadillas

King Cosmos, King Como, King’s Como, King comos, Kingcosmos, Como king, Kings Quesadillas

Say Our Name

The difficulty of having such a unique and inspired company name is the possibility of misspellings. Our name comes from a combination of both our last names, Ben King and Miguel Bencomo – ultimately combining to Kingcomo. Kingcomo’s for short and Kingcomo’s Quesadillas LLC for long legal reasons, or even KCQ for cool hip abbreviations. What we did not know when naming the company was the famous My Little Pony – King Cosmos. Besides being a pony, King Cosmos is also Trinidadian and Tobagonian- Canadian musician, actor and educator. An easy mistake to make for our dyslexic friends out there. Not to mention eerily similar to Cosmos Pizza, another Boulder staple that is likely engrained in the back of peoples’ minds as they read our name. This page is by no means out of anger for inability to spell our name, quite the opposite! We are happy you googled king comos, king cosmos, or even kng cumous. We just want you to find the right page to visit. So if you are still reading at this point just know the link at the top will send you to whatever page you may need! If you got to this page through our site without an incorrect king cosmos google search, congratulations! You are now part of the much more exclusive 1% and we thank you for your diligence to scour and search our site for all of its contents. Below we digress into further name differentiations.

Comos vs Cosmos

Como – Root verb comer: to eat in Spanish. That is how to say “to eat” in Spanish, not how to literally eat in Spanish. It is also the second half of Miguel’s last name, ironically the first half being Ben

Cosmos – the universe seen as a well-ordered whole. A much bigger scale, but closely related to our ever expanding menu selection. There is also an additional ‘s’ included.

Kingcomo’s vs King Como’s

While both similar, Kingcomo’s is the correct spelling. It indicates the union of its two interracial business partner founders. Separately we are King and Bencomo, but together we are Kingcomo. King Como’s is a respectfully married but seeking divorce name. Further it suggests that Como is an individual with a Kingly royal status. Who is this Como fellow and how have we not heard of him before? How much land does he rule over and how did he get into the quesadilla business?

“Say my name, say my name

You actin’ kinda shady

Ain’t callin’ me KC

Better say my name.”

Destiny’s Child