Kingcomo’s Quesadilla Menu

Quesadilla Menu on The Cart

*Served on 10″ flour tortillas but Gluten-Free corn tortilla on request // vegan cheese is also available*

Quesadilla Menu for Catered Events

This is our entire quesadilla menu library. Pick and choose which quesadillas you want for your event. There is an option for everyone so you can’t go wrong. At the very bottom of the page is a link to submit your own quesadilla creations, if you think something is missing!

  • El Classico
    • Basic: Strait cheese blend of all cheeses on the cart, on 8″ tortilla Intermediate: Bean Puree, cheese, cholula Advanced: Bean Puree, cheese, cholula, grilled onion & pepper Pro: Bean puree, cheese, cholula, rice, grilled onion & pepper, shredded chicken
  • Saucy Chick
    • Shredded chicken with cheddar cheese and your choice of sauce (BBQ, Buffalo, Teriyaki, Red Hot, Sriracha or Cholula)
  • Chiken Bakin Ranch (C.B.R.)
    • Chicken, bacon crumbles with homemade chili ranch and mozzarella
  • Pizza Dilla
    • San-Marzano tomato sauce redux with mozzarella & parmesan (add crispy pepperoni, onion & pepper, bacon or chili flakes)
  • Tex Mex Med
    • Pesto, roasted sweet corn and mozzarella/ mexican cheese blend (add chicken)
  • Mac’n Cheesadilla
    • Macaroni noodles with mexican cheese blend & franks red hot (chefs recommend add hotdog)
  • Chicken Parm
    • Shredded chicken, marinara, breadcrumbs, mozzarella and parmesean (add chili flakes)
  • Tikka Masaladilla
    • Tikka Masala sauce with rice, grilled onion & bell pepper, and mozzarella (add chicken $2)
  • Hot Diggity Dog
    • Hebrew national diced and grilled hot dog with cheddar (add grilled corn for a corndog or pickle, onion, keptchup & mustard for Chicagorado style)
  • Southwestern
    • Roasted sweet corn, bell pepper & onion, bean puree, ranch and cheddar cheese
  • Pad Thai
    • Pad thai peanut sauce, mung bean sprouts, roasted onion & pepper with rice and mozzarella
  • Tuna melt
    • Albacore tuna with chili mayo, olives, pickles and mozzarella
  • Quesa ‘Merica
    • Ground beef with grilled onion, pickles and cheddar cheese (add ketchup & mustard)
  • Meatball sub
    • Ground beef, homemade marinara, mozzarella & parmesan
  • S’more por favor
    • Marshmallow, graham cracker and Nutella, on 8″ tortilla
  • PB Cup
    • 50/50 peanut butter Nutella spread on a toasted tortilla


We have been known to rotate drinks available on the cart. In the past there have been sightings of Dr Pepper, Izzies, Coke, Diet Coke, Capri Sun, Sprite and Seltzer water. Is there something we need to have? Put your suggestion here.

Got a killer quesadilla creation?

We love nothing more than a creative ‘dilla that expands the traditional definition of what a quesadilla is and can be. Follow the link below to submit your quesidea and enter the halls of glory in our extended menu. If your ‘dilla is deemed worthy, it will join the ranks of all the other types of quesadillas in the extended menu

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