Quesadilla Catering

Colorado Quesadilla Catering

Host any kind of event without breaking a sweat! Our quesadilla catering is here for any and all of your party needs. Every event is better with a quesadilla – that’s just science. We do wedding events, birthdays, graduations, block parties, business lunches, music events, markets & much more

Our flexible and customizable cart is ideal for small, or even inside spaces. Intimate gatherings or Woodstock parties. Scroll down to learn more and book the cart!

Prices and Options

For any event, we require a $100 booking fee to reserve the cart – refundable up to two weeks prior to the event . After that, we have multiple options depending on your party preferences. We charge a $500 minimum (not including the deposit)

Per head

$13/pp charge with +$2pp to include drinks

Guests Pay

Individuals pay as they order. Ideal for public events with unknown number of guests.

Host Pays

We keep an itemized list of all orders and charge that total to you at end of the event. Best for a private event with unknown number of guests