Quesadilla Catering Opportunities

Quesadilla Catering

Host any kind of event without breaking a sweat! Kingcomo’s Quesadilla catering is here for any and all of your party needs. Every event is better with a quesadilla – that’s just science. To date we have done wedding events, birthdays, graduations, block parties, business lunches, music events & much more

Our flexible and customizable cart is ideal for small, or even inside spaces. Intimate gatherings or Woodstock parties. With our extended menu every taste can accounted for – no matter how picky or adventurous. Scroll down to learn more and book the cart!

Prices and Options

For any event, we require a $100 booking fee to reserve the cart – refundable up to two weeks prior to the event . After that, we have multiple pricing options, depending on your party preferences. Rates and minimums may vary depending on season / day of the week

Per head

Flat rate per person cost for the event. Can be either buffet style where we automatically replenish quesadilla offerings or individual orders. Best for private event with certain numbers

Guests Pay

Individuals pay as they order the quesadillas. Ideal for public(ish) events with unknown number of guests. Minimum required

Host Pays

We record an itemized list of all dillas ordered and charge that total at the end of the event. Recommended for a private event with unknown number of guests. Minimum required

Cheesy Testimonials

Hired them for a grad party at my home. They were excellent. Were on time, set up in a flash and were nothing but lovely as they served up delicious meal after meal. I had about 100 people at my event and there never was a long line as they are speedy! Also the food is delicious. Appreciate the chill vibe they embody. Very easy to work with and reliable! Highly recommend them for an event!

— Beth

We finally had a chance to try Kingcomo’s as they catered our event. Our family tried five quesadilla flavors and all were fantastic! Our kids were thrilled to try to pizza and macaroni and cheese quesadillas, and I was impressed with the variety on their menu. The service was great and they managed to feed a huge group of folks ranging in age from toddlers to grandparents. We highly recommend them. Thanks for making our dinner picnic party a success, Kingcomo’s!!

— Lindsay

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