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interracial chefs graduating wearing purple gowns

Chapter 1: Humble Beginnings

Founders Ben King and Miguel Bencomo meet in the halls of Boulder High ultimately graduating in 2013 with ambitions and thoughts of running a food cart in the future. They discuss the possibilities and begin dreaming of a food truck future.

two very close friends and interracial business partners pose in a cave in colorado

Chapter 2: The Honeymoon Phase

College is attended as the paths stray but never fully diverge as Boulder serves as a convenient “home base” for the two to remain in close contact. Years pass as skills are developed, lessons are learned and dreams are dreamt.

Interracial business partners buying a food cart before bringing it in for restoration

Chapter 3: Interracial Business Partners

With a jar of saved pennies a food cart is purchased and enters the restoration and preparation stage. The world waits with baited breath for the cart to hit the streets

Chapter 4: The Invisible Enemy Attacks!

Covid-19 finds its way to our shores. While knee deep in the application process, our two protagonists find themselves delayed with opening. Eventually we defeat the bureaucracy, but at a later date and with lower numbers. Events grind to a halt, but we stay optimistic with brewery visits and park side locations

Our pearl street location

Chapter 5: Pearl Street Moves

A “permanent” location is established on the historic Pearl Street walking Mall, between Broadway and 13th. Our protagonists find themselves busy between pearl, private events, and lightening covid restrictions. New team members are recruited.

photo of aurora during evening

Chapter 6: The Grate Expansion

The first expansion beyond Boulder is initiated. Located at the Town Center at Aurora, we decide to focus on deliveries and pickups in a new emerging market – while also maintaining the cart business for breweries, pearl and events. The Kingcomo’s Aurora location serves as the first outpost for further expansion to develop

founder headshot wearing sunglasses with handsome stubble i mean geez how is this guy still single?

Benjamin “Burger” King

I just want people to see and love the different varieties in life. Our Quesadillas do just that. Using a patented mex-fusion technology we were able to create an astonishing blend of flavors from around the world between a crisp tortilla. As the Black Eyed Peas once said, “Free your inner soul and break away from tradition” – we pledge to do just that.

founder wearing hat and sunglasses with a hawaiian shirt what a lovable goofball with a good head on ya shoulders kid

Michael “Miguel” Bencomo

For me food has been what always brings people together. That’s what I want our quesadillas to do, to bring people together (obviously not now cause Corona and all, ya know) but in the future. People of all tastes and varieties. Celebration with delicious food is what we’re all about. As the Black Eyed Peas once said, “Burn it till it’s burned out, Turn it till it’s turned out, Act up from north, west, east, south”

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