cheesy dillas, ’nuff shred

While the early bird gets the worm, the second mouse gets the cheese.

Charles E. Cheese

Kingcomo’s Quesadillas is a food experience with a deep respect for the traditional quesadilla and a curiosity to broaden its definition. We believe a cheesy tortilla is the ultimate blank canvas, and there are dilla masterpieces to be made. Find us on Pearl Street, check our schedule or book us for your own private quesadilla catering extravaganza! Click below to learn more about us, the cart, the journey and the legend.

Quesadilla Catering Opportunities

Book the cart for any type of event! Small In the past we’ve done graduation parties, business lunches, birthdays, neighborhood gatherings, art festivals, forest raves and intimate candle lit dinners. Click below to learn more and plan your quesadilla-stravanganza

Dillascover Our Menu

Browse our quesadilla library and discover how many delicious creations can be made in a quesadilla. Click below to see our extended menu and submit your own quesideas for a chance to be featured!

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